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Hello everyone, I’m Mike and I want to share with you my knowledge. From the early ages, I loved to create different things from wood with my dad. When I was 8, he taught me how to make a bench and I understood that handmade work is my new hobby. At the age of 40, I realized that everything around me is made by myself.

My lovely wife Emma is a florist. She always knows how to create an incredible flower arrangement or how to look after each flower in different seasons, and how to combine it with a good decor. After a long day, I can just go to our garden and I feel comfortable and relaxed.

I have never mixed my hobby with my job. During work days I was a journalist but during the weekends I was a real master of my own masterpieces. Now I want to start combining my two sides and use my journalistic skills to share with you all my knowledge about important things, which will help to make your home beautiful and dependable. Of course, you will also find a lot of interesting and useful recommendations and thoughts from my wife about how to create coziness in your garden.
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